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We value our patients' experience at Kincaid Chiropractic, S.C., so we encourage you to share your thoughts about wellness treatments you've received from our staff.

You can send it to us via fax at (608) 524-1187 or email: [email protected]

A Child Treatment

"Kincaid family,

Thank you for being exceptional doctors and taking such good care of our Anton over the last couple weeks. Dr. Melissa thank you for realizing, after only one treatment, that Anton needed additional care and for calling after-hours to inform us of the results. Your availability and support to me was greatly appreciated.

Dr. Steven, despite being very ill, you push to get us where we needed to be in a timely manner, like helping Anton to avoid more serious outcomes. We can't thank you enough for this Saturday phone call.

Anton had his MRI Saturday night and was admitted Sunday morning we learned he would need surgery to curettage the cyst and place three pins to stabilize the bone. They had him in for this procedure 8 AM on Monday and we went home the same night.

With a baby on the way, timing is everything, and the fact that Anton will be on his feet again will help us tremendously! We have met many wonderful people through this, but we will always remember your dedication to your patients!"

Andrew, Abby, Anton & Nellie Erickson

21-Day Cleanse

"When Dr. Melissa Kincaid asked me to take the 21-day cleanse, I was thinking what did I get myself into. After a few hiccups, I loved it. I will be purchasing the daily shake after my 21 days are finished.

I had the chocolate shake and for me the first week was exhausting and I was very tired. The second week I could not live without my drink in the morning! My shake provided a great energy boost and kept me full from 7am to 12 pm. Being busy with school, it was a fast and easy breakfast for me to drink on the way to school. Lunch was a salad and then supper time was another shake.

Not intending this product for weight loss, I did benefit from a 10ish pound weight loss. Most of it was bloating, and this shake program helped me realize what foods caused the bloating, such as gluten and milk products. I will not drink cows milk anymore. My favorite is almond milk or coconut almond milk which my son calls “Mom’s” milk and he loves it too!

Overall, this is an amazing product and I will continue to use it on a daily basis. It makes me feel better and gave me the energy that I needed and was missing daily.

Thank you Melissa Kincaid for turning me onto this product and looking after my health!!!”

J. Hynek

A Testimonial of Healing Proportions

“Making the decision to take my toddler to the chiropractor was not easy as I had no experience with chiropractic care. My son was having repeat ear infections and we were at a point that the infections had to stop or he would need to have tubes placed in his ears. Our doctor suggested we could try visiting a chiropractor. I am so thankful we chose that path. After visiting Dr. Kincaid the string of infections stopped. My son was happy to visit Dr. Kincaid and even asked to see her when he wasn't feeling well.

We have since moved out of the state and have had to find a new chiropractor. I now have a greater appreciation for the care we received from Dr. Kincaid. She is not only a good chiropractor but also a healer. She has a touch and sense of the body and her patients that allows her to do more for them than many other providers.”


"I am feeling so much better after starting a new lifestyle change. Due to Dr. Kincaid's influence, I have changed my diet. No longer eating sugar, soda, bread and signed up to do exercise 5 days a week at the gym. I am on day 12 and I have already lost 13 pounds. What really hit home with me was on the second appointment with Dr. Kincaid. She asked if I had walked 5 minutes a day since my last visit. I stated honestly, NO. This in turn made me think that I needed to take what is going on with my body more seriously. I needed to be more in control of my body. I started with the water intake and the first four days it was tough. Now I can drink water and its great. I am also keeping a journal and my first picture. I have compared my first picture to my recent one and can not believe, I can see a difference already. What I am amazed about is the MENTAL CLARITY. This has come back. I had just gotten myself into a poor point physically and along with work stress. 

Thank You Dr. Kincaid!"

M. Eberle

My Water Testimonial

"People used to ask me if I was part camel, because I didn't drink much (or any) water. I never thought I needed it. I have since proven to myself how wrong I was.

Fortunately I've been pretty healthy all my life. I've had a few episodes of illness, but nothing terribly serious...just not feeling the best now and then. My good friend and chiropractor Melissa Kincaid suggested I drink water and then...drink more water. It took me a long time to get this through my thick skull...about 50 years in fact.

I don't recall the straw that finally broke this camel's back, but I decided to give this "water" stuff a try. At first it was really hard. I literally had to force myself. I'd take my full bottles to work each day with the goal of taking the empties back home at night.

It didn't take long to start seeing and feeling results. Now I cannot fathom drinking a can of soda, which used to be my beverage of choice every morning and my pick-me-up in the afternoon. The list of benefits of drinking water is extensive, but the one thing that made me a true believer, is the fact that I feel GOOD!!! Sooooo much better than I did before I started drinking water. If anyone is looking for a "miracle" food/drug...you don't have to look any farther than your faucet...Start by filling your glass with water!!!! If nothing else, at least you'll surprise your liver ;) Thanks again to you Melissa for helping me help myself."

Respectfully submitted by Lori Miller

"I have been utilizing the services of Dr. Melissa Kincaid, as has my family, for more than a dozen years. She has helped, beyond belief. We are very physically active family and she has not only assisted us with the aches and pains of physical (and aging), but she has also helped us become more nutritionally sound. Her chiropractic techniques. Her knowledge of nutrition and vitamin supplements has allowed us to avoid feeling her bodies with unnecessary medication, in favor of if, sound and effective overall wellness. 

Thanks for me and my family's health Dr. Kincaid."

Lorie Z.

I came in because of sinus pain on the right side.  My eye was even watering.  I had been to my medical doctor and this did not help at all  A friend suggested Dr. Kincaid.  She performed Cranial Sacral Therapy to my  skull region and I could tell after just a couple of minutes the change in my sinus and how my eye was feeling.  WOW.  Thank You. 


I found out about Kincaid Chiropractic and Dr. Kincaid from a friend of mine. I found that my call was answered promplty and I was scheduled the same day. I was even in with Dr. Kincaid at my appointment time. There was no wait. Generally I am waiting for the doctor I am seeing. Even my other appointments are on time with Dr. Kincaid. The office has a wonderful, warm feeling. Dr. Kincaid knows what she is doing and has helped me get rid of my migraine to which medication and other chiropractors have not been able to do. She sure knows her stuff. Thanks Dr. Kincaid

Tracey B.


"My first visit ever to a chiropractor ever for my baby daughter. I had a terrible pregnancy, I was sick throughout, had a lot of stress and other factors that did not make this pregnancy a happy one. My daughter is very fussy and cries all of the time. Not just here and there, but all the time.  My appointment with Dr. Kincaid was very exciting. When she started working on my daughter, she just would not calm down for Dr. Kincaid either. I in turn got really frustrated.  Dr. Kincaid, stopped working on my daughter and started working on me. She did something called a Still Point. I felt immediate relaxation and my daughter relaxed and stopped crying. It was incredible to see. I was astonished and asked Dr. Kincaid, what did you do. We discussed holding on to all the stress, tension from the pregnancy and then the baby picking up on the stress and tension and bringing it to light in her crying. When I was calm and not feeling tension and stress, my baby girl was calm and not feeling stress. I have since been in for Cranial Sacral Therapy not only for myself, but also my daughter. What a treat to have a calm and happy baby along with my self. Thank You for letting me enjoy my daughter more."

Samantha G.


"I never knew Chiropractors could work on children let alone infants. I brought my infant in due to colic issues after I was in for an appointment for my back after delivering my baby. What a profound difference. The first night was still rough, then after that smooth sailing. No more colicky baby. It is amazing. Thank You Dr. Kincaid."

Amanda Z.


"After suffering from two years of chronic headaches and seeing dozens of doctors, I had given up on any hope of relief. Dr. Kincaid's treatment plan that has proven effective very quickly."

Jeff A.

Pressure In Head & Back Pain

"Dr. Kincaid has given me my life back. For years I was bothered with back problems that escalated and with a  pressure in the head and ringing in the ears. I have been coming to Dr. Kincaid for one year and four months. I do not have the pressure in my head anymore, nor the ringing in my ears that went away after the 6th treatment. Seldom do I have back pain. Thank you Dr. Kincaid!!!"

Diane S.

Numbness & Tingling With Running

"Wow, I never thought that my back and my feet had anything to do with my feet going numb with running, I thought it was just from my shoes that I was wearing, I even went to a special shoe store for shoes and that did not make a difference. Dr. Kincaid showed me how my arches of my feet support my feet and now I wear my orthotics that are made for my feet and not over the counter to fit everyone (they do not, I have tried them). I no longer have my feet/toes go numb when I run with the orthotics in my shoes, now wait until I take them out and wham, back to have my toes and feet go numb again."

L. E.

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